Secure Advertising Supply Chain
to Persuade Voters and Win Elections

The largest Network

AIDEM is the only AdTech Platform with endpoints in, or near, every state - letting you win more auctions and deliver your ads faster

Direct Supply

Our 0% take rate SSP allows us to deliver 100% working media.
The highest reach at the lowest CPMs for your campaigns

0% Take Rate

100% Working Media

Ubiquitous Reach

10 billion US daily impressions directly from vetted, premium Publishers

60+ integrated SSPs, with Embedded Supply Path Optimization for unified reach across Display, Video, and CTV

Curated library of pre-negotiated political PMPs

AI & Data

Impression-Level AI, leveraging the full power of bid-stream to optimize lift in voting intent

Direct integration with L2 Data, and unique direct sourced 1st party data and carefully vetted 3rd party segments

PII-matching for 1:1 targeting with 75% match rate

Cookieless targeting & measurement


Reach & Frequency planning on all targeting parameter including Geo, Demo, Audience, Context

KPI predictions on CPM, win rate, budget capacity, VTR, AVOC, Viewability, Attention and lift


Unified reporting across 300 metrics & dimensions

SQL access to raw bid-stream for data science

Cross-device and household conversion measurement & attribution

Server side, PII-level conversion matching

CTV to drive Uplift

Reach that matters

4 billion US daily impressions exclusively from premium FAST & AVOD channels, live News & Sports

100% Audible and Visible on Completion

100% Verified real CTV devices

Extend Linear TV

Cross-screen targeting and measurement across linear and CTV

Deterministic linear TV viewership data covering 13 of US households, modeled using socio-demo data to reach 100% coverage

Targeting deciles describing linear viewership by network, channels, programs to drive pure incremental reach over linear TV

Household Measurement & Targeting

Run cross-device campaigns on CTV, Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone

Extend your audiences across display, video, and CTV leveraging AI signals

Cross-device & format household frequency capping and targeting


All-in-one Secure Supply Chain

Curated Supply

We clean up and deduplicate the entire bid-stream, filtering from 800B daily auctions to 12B of premium, direct, verified impressions. Say goodbye to bots, fraud, the long tail, and Made-For-Arbitrage.

AI Powered Anti-Fraud

Advanced AI analyses 100% of auctions to remove suspicious inventory from the supply. Continually learning and improving to stay ahead of the curve.

Ultimate Supply Path Optimization

Zero take rate with AIDEM SSP: media CPM goes 100% to Publishers without fees, revenue share, or rebates. Turbocharge your win-rate for unparalleled reach.

Trustworthy Targeting

The largest collection of high quality, cookieless data activated with perfect reliability across Display, Video, and CTV. Need more? Bring your own data via Pixel or PII onboarding.

All-In-One Platform

Perfect integration and 100% matching between Adserver, DSP, SSP, Measurement and Verification - everything just works.

Ready to Win your Election?