the AIDEM way

Planet Scale Reach

12 billion daily impressions exclusively from vetted, premium sellers. Display, Video, and CTV

Embedded Supply Path Optimization

Cookieless targeting & measurement

100% Working Media

Direct Supply with Zero Take Rate and no middlemen

Know Your Customer on the Supply chain for end-to-end compliance

Direct access to over 140 local CTV channels

Scalable Operations

AI optimization for humans, attentiveness, and outcomes

All-in-one: DSP, SSP, AdServer, Verification, Attribution

Interconnected with over 13,000 major service providers for fastest bids


All-in-one Secure Supply Chain

AI Powered Anti-Fraud

Advanced AI analyses 100% of auctions to remove suspicious inventory from the supply. Continually learning and improving to stay ahead of the curve.

Ultimate Supply Path Optimization

Zero take rate with AIDEM SSP: media CPM goes 100% to Publishers without fees, revenue share, or rebates. Turbocharge your win-rate for unparalleled reach.

Trustworthy Targeting

The largest collection of high quality, cookieless data activated with perfect reliability across Display, Video, and CTV. Need more? Bring your own data via Pixel or PII onboarding.

All-In-One Platform

Perfect integration and 100% matching between Adserver, DSP, SSP, Measurement and Verification - everything just works.

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