The AIDEM approach to Advertising

5 pillars you can trust

We outlined five core pillars that represent the foundations of our approach, our products, and our philosophy.

Privacy First

We believe in privacy-preserving advertising. By refraining from using cookies, fingerprints, and identities, we're giving customers increased peace of mind while still allowing marketers to lead successful campaigns. We use our artificial intelligence technology to make sure people see your message without sacrificing their privacy. Ever.


We don't make compromises when it comes to safety, quality, and quantity. Our thorough vetting process achieves the trifecta by ensuring your ads are placed only on the most trustworthy publishers, in the best placement, and with real people seeing your ads.


Our AI boosts ROAS, reduces CPA, and increase all KPIs of your existing digital advertising campaigns. Furthemore, with our targeting approach brands can expand the reach of their efforts opening new revenue streams, by bidding on quality impression overlooked by the market.


Hidden fees in the AdTech stack are a long-time problem that companies and brands face each time they approach a solution on the market. That is why we have maintained a culture of transparency, brands will always know exactly where and how the advertising budget is spent.


We're committed to helping you reach your goals.

Your company needs a partner with a vested interest in seeing your business succeed.

Starting from day one, we will build a long-term partnership by making sure you grow and expand your business over time.

Our interests are aligned with yours.

Fast track to Performance


The privacy first Demand Side Platform with our AI embedded. No hidden fees and unmatched quality of impressions purchased.

Discover the DSP


The AI plugin for all Digital Marketing Platforms. It boosts your existing campaigns performances, without cookies or audience data.

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Success stories from our Partners

The AIDEM DSP is the most accurate that I have seen and used. Having seen as much fraud as I've seen, it's comforting to know that this DSP will execute my campaign settings accurately.

Dr. Augustine Fou

Independent Ad Fraud Researcher

AIDEM is a trusted and ideal Partner. They supported us since before the launch of our eCommerce platform, implementing the whole communication and marketing process: set-up and integration with our CRM, custom reporting, planning and delivery of our campaigns. This activity has been crucial for our decision making that determined our whole business strategy, this process led us to overperform our first-year company Goals. As a result, we increased X10 our digital marketing budget YOY and extended our partnership. I would happily recommend AIDEM to any online business.

Nicola Giunchi

CEO, Cambiomarcia

AIDEM has helped find new strategies for our continuous growth in the men's beauty industry. A one-click integration AI, combined with strategic acumen of their team, has increased our ROAS YoY by 200%, while driving 24% more new customers at a 62% lower CPA. Their approach is simple but effective, a hidden secret in the advertising industry.

Kim Mazzilli

Co-Founder, Horace

At first, I was sceptic… but during the trial the AIDEM AI surprised me: as soon as the testing phase started, the CPL, of what we thought were already well optimised campaigns, decreased significantly. The technology and the brilliant team of AIDEM, passionate and competent, are a winning choice for brands that want to achieve new performance heights at a sustainable cost.

Federico Anastasia

Head of Marketing, Linear

Year after year Manebí registered a sensitive online revenues growth. This season we had the will to test a new technology to give a boost to our online growth and AIDEM was the answer to our needs. Since we integrated the AIDEM Algorithm into our Ad accounts, we witnessed a clear increase in our Online Revenues. We really appreciated the dedication and professionality of the AIDEM team, they helped us expand our online Marketing strategy through their technology to different channels supporting all the other brand’s assets we implemented to meet our forecast of YoY growth during the most critical period for our Brand.I would recommend AIDEM to any eCommerce that is willing to grow its Marketing campaign performance, the implementation of this technology is easy and fully transparent and shows great results.

Antonello Benati

CEO & Founder, Manebí

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