the AIDEM way

Privacy First

We believe in privacy-preserving advertising. We're giving customers increased peace of mind while still allowing marketers to lead successful campaigns.


We don't make compromises when it comes to safety and quality. We operate on allow-list only ensuring ads are placed on trustworthy publishers, with real humans seeing your ads.


Our AI optimize for humanCPM, boosting KPIs. We have a whitebox approach to automation, advertisers are always in control.


We have a culture of transparency, operating on a low and fixed fee. Advertisers see their working media share.


Starting from day one, we will build a long-term partnership by making sure you grow and expand your business over time.



The privacy first Demand Side Platform that enables marketers to reach their digital media buying objectives, while protecting consumers’ privacy and retaining ownership of the advertising data.



Our primary targeting criteria is Contextual, enriched by generic device data. The DSP does not need cookies, fingerprints, or any user data to operate. If desired, traditional audience-based targeting can also be activated.


Our AI is connected to the bid stream to evaluate every impression on a pre-bid basis only on Privacy compliant data. While brands retain full control on the targeting, the AI reaches the target KPIs and dynamically adjusts the bid to increase the win-rate of high-quality impressions.

Inventory Quality

We employ advanced heuristic on a pre-bid basis to exclude fraudulent inventory. The filter ensures that the impression is delivered to a real human via the most efficient and secure supply chain. We never bid on resold or dark-pooled inventory to eliminate hidden third-party fees.

Fee Transparency

Our DSP is directly connected to all major SSPs and largest publishers to maximize working media. We apply a single tech fee, with no hidden third-party cost along the supply chain, and provide full cost transparency.

Data Transparency

All data belong to the advertiser, and we provide access to real-time and consolidated reports (via UI and API), log-level data, AI decisions logs, and inventory quality logs. Upon request, our client service team can build custom dashboards.

Tech Features

  • Tier-1 Publishers
  • Embedded SPO
  • No MFA / GIVT / SIVT
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • BidStream Access
  • Real-time Debugging
  • API Reporting
  • AWS S3 Delivery
  • Snowflake
  • Supply Chain KYC
  • OFAC Compliance
  • Audited

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